About the Founder

Rick Trojan is an owner, advisor and investor in the cannabis industry. A lifetime entrepreneur, Rick entered the cannabis industry after selling a software company in the healthcare space. His journey into hemp solidified while overseas. Rick had an unfortunate and rare reaction to prescription medication and ended up with Steven Johnson Syndrome.

After nearly 3 weeks in isolation in a Munich hospital, he was given doctor approval to return to the United States. During the time in isolation, Rick educated himself on hemp, its history, motivations for domestic prohibition and the global impact of the plant. Upon return to the US, he became involved with the largest hemp farm in the nation for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Learning firsthand about the cultivation, harvesting, processing and distribution of industrial hemp, and the legal challenges inherent therein, Rick created Hemp Road Trip to attack the problem of prohibition through nationwide education and outreach. He continues to consult, advise and invest in hemp companies nationwide.